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Live data allows coaching staff to act immediately on the information. This may include adjusting a training drill to increase intensity, adding volume to achieve the desired load, or restricting the training of an ‘at risk’ player. Metrics are available in a customizable interface.  Data can also be streamed direct to the web and made available on a number of mobile devices. Benefit from live tracking technology:

  • Monitor / adjust work rates to maximize performance
  • Maintain peak performance all season long
  • Reduce injuries
  • Create individual / specific workouts

All in real time, with data anyone can understand.

How it works:

  • Identify key markers of volume and intensity
  • Objectively periodize player loads through data analysis
  • Objectively identify players at risk of soft tissue injury
  • Running Symmetry Metric
  • Relative player value a metric that allows monitoring training loads to reduce injury risk

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