Performance Training

Performance Training

Provide systems of 21st Century products and services allowing anyone to learn anything in a shorter amount of time while enjoying training advised by some of the best coaches and trainers in the world. Without Limits,LLC Partners with companies offering products and services globally to help shorten the learning curve.  Whether training for sport: football, golf, baseball, running or life in general we can help you become the best you in the world.

Rates & Packages

Online only$25 per month

$25 per session with a minimum of 12 sessions.
Plus Online subscription $25 per month
Novice sessions will be grouped up to approximately 6 athletes.
Basic Assessment – Technique and Form

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Goal Assessment
  • Workout Plan around current other activities
  • Periodic assessments to measure improvement

$37.50 per session with a minimum of 12 sessions.
Plus Online subscription $25 per month.
Competitive sessions will be grouped up to approximately 4 athletes.
Comprehensive Assessment

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Gait Analysis
  • Body symmetry
  • Balance
  • Neuromotor coordination assessment

This assessment is based on objective measurements with state of the art technology

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Goal Assessment
Comprehensive plan and path to achieve goals. Plan integrates with, includes and is built around current sports and activities. Close tracking and assessment against the plan Long term athlete development approach.

$47 per session with a minimum of 12 sessions.
Plus Online subscription $25 per month.
Same as Competitive with the addition of In Game Wearable Technology. Wear the same sensors being worn by professional athletes and major universities to measure and assess performance in actual games.
Products: Catapult / GPSports, Garmin and some of the latest performance wearable technology.
Invitation Only: This membership is offered exclusively at my discretion
Private: Customized to meet specific needs therefore price situation dependent

Scholarship: I encourage scholarship requests. No one should be afraid to request a scholarship. I have spent my life reaching out to people because I was interested in what they had to offer. In fact that is how I have many of the systems and technologies that makes this business so unique. Bring me you proposal as to how we can all benefit and you’ll be surprised at what it is worth to me.

Team Training: $200 per session
Comprehensive assessments
Specific Skill and Agility workouts with SmartSpeed technology
Latest wearable technologies to measure practice and game performance.
Measure detailed parameters:

  • Workload Volume
  • Workout Intensity
  • Work Rate Measurement
  • Key Variables
  • Running Symmetry
  • Collision Detection
  • Metabolic Power
  • Repeat Sprint Efforts

Hourly rate is $150 which can be split, broken up, or negotiated depending on the circumstance

Basic Assessment $25

Comprehensive Assessment $300